Trek Women

At Trek, we believe in women — women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ages and athletic abilities.

Join the Trek Women community: As individuals we may be able to do great things, but together we can do much more.

Women’s Specific Design bikes from Trek are designed to address the specific fit and comfort needs of women. Experience the WSD difference for yourself at Race Expos.

Project One custom bike program: Build your dream bike online; get a bike that’s uniquely yours.



The Xxtra Mile LLC is a women’s and girls’ active lifestyle company based in New York City. Its properties currently include the Trek Women Triathlon Series, the Danskin Triathlon Series, Team Future™, a mentoring and training program for women and girls, and BRAIDS™, a think tank for women’s and girls’ active lifestyle initiatives. Trek and Trek Women are trademarks of Trek Bicycle Corporation. Danskin is a trademark of Studio IP Holdings LLC. Team Future and BRAIDS are trademarks of the Xxtra Mile.