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Women are talking about the Trek Women Series, the only national women's series put on by women, for women. Click below to find out what the buzz is all about. And learn why the Trek Women Series is the race for you, whether you're a first-timer or seasoned triathlete.

Everyone got high fives from Sally Edwards... more.

I have heard LOTS of excited remarks from my team members about [Sally’s high fives] in particular. It is very comforting to know that you or whoever will not be the last person walking or running in by [herself]. I was not last because I am a swimmer and a mediocre biker (but I can do the hills). I just have to walk the 3.1 since I had two knee surgeries and I don’t want to mess the knee up so that I lose my opportunity to keep doing this.

PS: I worked for 35 years and was on a university faculty. I reared 3 wonderful girls and didn’t do much for myself to stay in shape even though I was a competitive swimmer as a teenager. I want to be healthy now and fit, and I am really grateful to do these tri’s now, even at this older age.

Thanks and Warmest Regards,
Robin / Austin Trek Women Triathlon

Thank you...This was a great experience... more.

The [Monday newspaper] had a picture of the [Austin] winner, Jessica Jacobs, and I recognized her as that blonde lady who was greeting everyone at the finish line, urging them to sprint the last few yards to the timing mat. I was very impressed by that spirit, the spirit that every one of the staff and volunteers showed… My good friend came in the last position. She suffered from cramps the entire way. … Sally Edwards talked with her on the last leg. That meant the world to her. Thank you.

Katie / Austin Trek Women Triathlon

Click here to read the article from the Austin American Statesman that Katie mentions.

I appreciate the support for women...more.

This was my 6th sprint distance triathlon, and I appreciate the dedication and support for women (particularly of varying abilities) - keep up the good work! 

Thank You
Ila / Austin Trek Women Triathlon

I'd like to express how much fun I had!...more.

The course was perfect, volunteers were easy to locate and extremely helpful, aid stations were well stocked with water and properly placed on the run, and transition area/start of the race was very well organized!  I guess my hard work paid off, and I won my age group. As a prize, I won a "complementary entry to the 2010 Series' Race of your choice." I absolutely loved the race this year and am extremely excited and eager to do it again next year!

Thank you so much!
-Juliet / Austin Trek Women Triathlon

This was one of the most memorable/enjoyable [triathlons] I’ve participated in...more.

I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to all who put this event together! Although this wasn't my first triathlon, this was one of the most memorable/enjoyable ones I've participated in. I am a weak swimmer, so having to swim through choppy waters was a struggle/challenge for me. My [BIC® Soleil Swim Sister] Sarah was awesome! She guided me through the swim course... I don't know if I would've survived the swim portion without her. I also loved how Sally came into the lake to make sure that us swim stragglers were doing ok. While I was swimming towards the exit, she came to me and introduced herself… I love how Sally makes the race so personable. I will most def do this again next year.

Once again, thank you!
Peylin / Austin Trek Women Triathlon

Everyone who experiences this race is guaranteed to leave differently...more.

Please pass along my thanks to Maggie Sullivan and Sally Edwards for their amazing job at the Disneyland® Duathlon… Last year was my first all-women’s triathlon, and I was nervous when I saw the changes in the program for 2009… I went with my heart and following the motivation of Sally. This, now I see, was the best decision.  The work behind Maggie and Sally greatly shows after having participated and succeeding in a great finish this year.  This will always be my favorite event, and I can’t wait for next year… Everyone who experiences their races is guaranteed to leave there differently... and for the better. I love their huge involvement and seeing them face to face. They make me want to be a better person. To help others and myself continue to make small changes and live full of life. When I speak of this event to others, I just ooze passion and excitement. This event just exists for all the right reasons.

There are definitely guardian angels over them helping them carry on what they do so well. Reaching out to women, spreading camaraderie, and helping change lives for health, fitness, and spirit.  I have such renewed confidence when I leave this event.  They really ARE reaching out and connecting to us.

I have fought many battles with myself growing up, but my life is in a better place now. I owe part of that to discovering triathlons and this Disneyland® event. So maybe only a recent discovery, but still, I stand a little taller and stronger b/c I see myself growing and loving the sport more and more. I am always in awe of what you women are doing and what it means for me to see ahead of me.

So thank you. Thank you for your devotion, your energy, and your commitment to women. I hope to do this race for as long as I am living in California. Disneyland® really does keep it magical and the most fun time I could imagine. Keep it up. We love you for it. And you ARE making a difference.  I wish I had more time to spend being around you and learning.


Karen / Disneyland® Resort Trek Women Duathlon

Thanks for a great morning...Click here to read more...more.

This [was] my first Trek event and duathlon, I had a great time and look forward to next year.  Thanks for the bike!

 Jayne / Disneyland® Resort Trek Women Duathlon

Thank you to the swim angel I had… she was a huge part of my success...more.

I would like this thank you to go to the swim angel I had on July 12th at Pleasant Prairie, her name was Jodi and she was wonderful, if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have made it, she encouraged me, helped me when I was over-whelmed . Please pass this on to her she was a huge part of my success that day!


I'm still bowled over by the event…[I] had what I'd legitimately call a life-changing experience...more.

It's been two days since the Trek triathlon in Pleasant Prairie and I'm still bowled over by the event. It was my first tri and in the week leading up to it, I was fairly certain I was at the very least not going to be able to finish and at the most drop dead at some point on the course. I managed to avoid both fates and in the process had what I'd legitimately call a life-changing experience.


Your Triathlon rocked! I’ll be back…more.

One of [my friends] had an inspiring experience during the swim. My friend Jenny (not a very strong swimmer) wanted to do it herself… suddenly [she] was panicking.. She turned to the side and there was a woman (next to her with a “noodle”). The woman told Jenny “I’ll just swim next to you”. Jenny asked if she was a swim angel, and the woman replied “I am today”. It turns out this woman was a participant who is cancer survivor who had been helped at one time and wanted to return the favor to another. They stayed together for the entire swim. When Jenny told me this story… I cried. How totally selfless of this woman and how touched we are in knowing that there are angels among us.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Swim Sister experience…more.

What a beautiful day we had for the tri! I thoroughly enjoyed the Swim Sister experience and was lucky enough to help out at the finish line with the medals. I enjoyed working with [Ardis, Swim Sister Coordinator] and will brush up on my adjectives for next year's event! Good luck with the rest of the season.


Just wanted to congratulate you on you a great race...more.

I completed the race with 4 of my family members and we all had a great, great time! I'm sure we'll do it again next year. My hope is that the race will be as well-managed next year as it seemed to be this year. Thank you for putting together a great event - we really all had a great time!


Thank Sally for her inspiriation, energry and positive model. The race today was amazing!more.

And so much fun. Women really are Great!!!!! I am so lucky to have started my new triathlon career with the Trek Women's Triathlon. I am looking forward to Chicago, which I am doing with Team in Training, and I believe going to do the olympic!!!! thank you again. See you next year, for sure!




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