Questions About the Trek Women Triathlon Series

What is the Trek Women Triathlon Series?

The Trek Women Triathlon Series is a NEW Series, brought to you by the Team that brought you the Danskin Women’s Triathlon Series for the last nineteen years.

Who Started the Trek Women Triathlon Series and Why?

Maggie Sullivan, Director -- Maggie is a member of The Xxtra Mile LLC, a women’s and girls’ active lifestyle company, and the owner of the Trek Women Triathlon Series. Maggie has been a major force in building participation opportunities within the sport of triathlon for women for over 19 years. Maggie was formerly the Series Director for the Danskin Women’s Triathlon Series.

Last Fall, Maggie was facing a unnerving situation. With the cold wind of the recession blowing down 7th Avenue in New York’s Garment District, the survival of the Series she had worked so hard to build over the years was in question. Not knowing if she would have a job, let alone a Series, she made the toughest decision of her life.

"Giving women these opportunities. That’s been my life for 20 years," says Maggie, who the Philadelphia Inquirer has dubbed the Grande Dame of Women Triathlons. "I knew the kind of experience women wanted. But I was working for a women’s clothing company, not a sports/events company, let alone one that had women and girls as its focus. It was time to start a newer, better series on my own."

So she built a better mousetrap. The new Trek Women Triathlon Series.

Who are Some of the People Behind the New Series – Names You Recognize!

  • Sally Edwards - Chief Inspiration Officer
  • Maggie Sullivan – Series Director
  • Cathy Daldin - Coordinator, Team Survivor
  • Ardis Bow, Coordinator BIC® Soleil® Swim Sisters Program

    Ardis will head up the Swim Sisters program for the Series, a program designed to provide added comfort and support to women during the swim portion of the event.

Race Directors Who You Know and Who have delivered to you safe, well run events!

  • Mike Bone - Trek Women Triathlon Series / Southern & Northern CA – Local Race Director Spectrum Sports Management, LLC
  • John Corrigan - Trek Women Triathlon Series / Pleasant Prairie, WI – Local Race Director JMC Partners
  • Jeff Frost – Trek Women Triathlon Series / Mount Snow, Vermont -- Local Race Director Blue Wolf Events
  • Jon Hill - Trek Women Triathlon Series / Austin, TX – Local Race Director Fit Events, LLC
  • Diane Lydon - Trek Women Triathlon Series / Seattle, WA – Local Race Director LYDECO Productions
  • Fred Sommer - Trek Women Triathlon Series / Orlando, FL – Local Race Director CFT / Sommer Sports

Sponsors Who Have Supported Your Triathlon Dreams in the Past!

  • TREK Bicycle Corporation, the Series’ title Sponsor, is proud to partner with Platinum Level sponsors MassMutual Financial Group and BIC®, and Jelly Belly Sport Beans® in the Silver Level category.
  • The photography company that has captured your best triathlon moments —Brightroom
  • The timing company that has delivered your race times with efficiency and accuracy -- Timberline Timing Systems
  • The registration staff who greeted you at Race Materials Pick Up with a smile – Virtual Roster
  • And the unmistakable voice of race announcer, Creigh Kelley

The Team That is Best in the Business – We Know What We are Doing!

New name, same stellar team = same great vibe!

Why Should I do the TREK?

Because we know what you want!

  • Women producing million dollar days for other women.
  • You want a supportive environment, whether this is your first or your fiftieth triathlon.
  • You want a team producing the Series that has been invested in the sport of triathlon for over 15 years.
  • You want Sally Edwards at the starting line to tell you "YOU GO GIRL."
  • You want local race directors whose abilities have been repeatedly tested in areas of safety and course design.
  • And you want to finish the race with your friends and family cheering for you, supportive volunteers and Race and Series staff 'READY' for you!

That is what you will experience at the Trek Women Triathlon Series.

The TREK is a Race That Fits Every Women’s Comfort and Experience Level.

The Trek Women Triathlon Series will feature an unprecedented seven official race categories including…

  • Age Groups (separated by five-year increments)
  • Mixed Age Group (so women can do the race with family and friends)
  • Athena (150 lbs. minimum)
  • Women in Uniform (military or government)
  • Physically Challenged
  • Elite
  • Relay

… as part of a continuing effort to provide the best possible race experience for all women. Selected cities within the Series will also include "youth focused" triathlons.

Will there be a Charity?

ABSOLUTELY! The Women behind the Trek Women Triathlon Series Believe that you 'PAY IT FORWARD!'

Team Survivor -- The Trek Women Triathlon Series is an Official Partner of ‘Team Survivor,” a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization for women who have a present or past diagnosis of cancer. Team Survivor provides these women with free group exercise, health education classes and support programs. Trek Women Triathlon Series and Team Survivor allow women in the program to train, receive complimentary race registration for their first triathlon, and benefit from special race day support.

Team Survivor, along with a National Cancer Research Charity will benefit from the Participant Pledge Program, where 100% of the proceeds from the program will be shared equally by Team Survivor and the National Charity.

And, on race day, the women of Team Survivor stand together at the starting line, with the support of the thousands of other women in the race.

The Trek Women Triathlon Series will also partner with a local charity in each Race region – giving back to the communities that support it!

Will Sally Edwards be at the Starting Line of the Trek Women Triathlon Series?

Sally Edwards is the Chief Inspiration Officer -- Sally chose to work with the Trek Women Triathlon Series to take the experience for thousands of women and the sport of triathlon to a new level, to a Race Series with experiences unable to be delivered by any other team. She will be at the starting line of each Race of the Trek Women Triathlon Series and will be there to greet you at the finish!

Is the TREK Series 'First Timer Friendly'?

Absolutely! First timers are encouraged to come and ‘TRI’ the Trek Women Triathlon Series. There is swim support, training programs, clinics, camaraderie and Sally Edwards to show you the way.

"There’s a secret sauce in what we do," says Sally Edwards, who joined the Trek Women Triathlon Series as its Chief Inspiration Officer. "Call it Kumbaya. Call it a love fest. I think its real compassion. We celebrate every single woman’s achievement. It doesn’t matter if they’re the hard body winner, the big Athena or the recovered cancer survivor. We cry and we laugh. That’s the experience you’ll get at TREK." -- Sally Edwards

Will I get a Medal?

YES! We will be waiting for you at the finish line with your 2009 Trek Women Triathlon Series commemorative medal and a hi five, YOU GO GIRL!



The Xxtra Mile LLC is a women's and girls' active lifestyle company based in New York City. Its properties currently include the Trek Women Triathlon Series, the Danskin Triathlon Series, Team Future™, a mentoring and training program for women and girls, and BRAIDS™, a think tank for women's and girls' active lifestyle initiatives. Trek and Trek Women are trademarks of Trek Bicycle Corporation. Danskin is a trademark of Studio IP Holdings LLC.

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