Why the Trek Women Triathlon Series?
by Sally Edwards

Dear Triathlete:

I have been asked to answer the questions "What is the Trek Women Triathlon Series?" "Why am I working with them?" "Who are they?" "How is it different from the national women's triathlon series I did last year?"

The Top Ten Differences between the Trek Women Triathlon Series and any Other Triathlon and why I chose to be their National Spokeswoman

  • How the Dollar Bill Goes Around
    You may have heard me tell the story "How the Dollar Bill Goes Around". It's in my character and my DNA that I support those who support women- the cause, the charity, the event, and the sponsors. I have chosen to work with the Trek Women Triathlon Series because it is by, for, and all, and I mean all about women (and run by, too). That's where my loyalty and my heart lie - to support women.
  • I know The Trek Women Triathlon Series is Safe and Professional
    The race directors, Series staff, charities, sponsors, and volunteers of this Series have been behind the sport and women for the past 20 years. They came from the former Series where I worked for the past 19 years, to the new TREK Series because we know the Trek Women Triathlon Series is a first class event. Women deserve only the best, and the Trek Women Triathlon Series will deliver that.
  • Commitment to Getting America Fit
    As a champion of getting America fit, the Trek Women Triathlon Series is sponsoring launch parties for everyone to kick off their training. I will be there motivating and leading these free, fun and informational launch parties to get everyone jazzed on training for the Trek Women Triathlon Series.
  • It's About Every Participant
    Every single woman is celebrated whether they are an elite racer, finish first in their group or almost last (I reserve that finish place). The Series has again asked me to be there as you enter the water for a "good luck high five" and to be there at the finish for a "you did it high five". The Trek Women Triathlon Series is about every woman, every age (yes, I am 61 years old now) and every size.
  • Inclusiveness - New Entry Divisions
    The Trek Women Triathlon Series has opened its doors to include women in service - police, military, firefighters, and others. We have opened our hearts to women of size with an Athena division. We have affiliated with the national governing body so the elite racer gal earns points. We are supporting those physically challenged with a division, and as always, Team Survivor has a division, women who have survived cancer who are doing the triathlon to show us that nothing, not even cancer can stop us from getting fit and healthy.
  • The Charity - Because They Need our Help
    A portion of the race entry fees are dedicated not only to those suffering from cancer but for other causes - local charities, women with financial struggles, and others. We do the Trek Women Triathlon Series to help support others who need our help.
  • Doing it for the Medal and the Number.
    When you walk around the finish area after the race basking in the glory of a PR (personal record) or a finish in front of me (your final finisher), that big finisher's medal feels like you won a gold at the Olympics. And that afternoon or the next day, when you walk to the store or work with your black number not quite washed off your arm or leg, it says that you are a triathlete! You'll never forget that finish line or that medal. As I wrote in my book, Triathlons For Women, "If I knew how great it felt to finish that first Ironman, I would have trained even more."
  • A New Series Run by Women You Can Count On.
    Maggie Sullivan has 18 years as a triathlon Series director, and I have 35-years of racing, coaching, and being a pioneer in the sport of triathlon, so you can count on us. There's no better race directing team in the nation. I promise, we'll provide you with that "million dollar day" because your experience is like none other. You will cry, hug, laugh, share, sweat, and be challenged. It's a day you will remember for a long time, maybe a day you'll remember forever.
  • It's About Sisterhood and Camaraderie
    If you are there to race, then go as fast as you can. If you are there to support a friend, then run the race together and connect with your sisters, the tens of thousands of them that will be doing this series this year. And, if you aren't there because you’re afraid, then let me help you conquer your fear and get that "monkey off your back.” If you can't toss it alone, don’t worry we will all be there to grab the dang ape (fear), so that you can have the experience of a lifetime.
  • When was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?
    Yes, I have a streak going now with 127 consecutive races and final finishes, a world record for going from first to worst. I am proud of that. So, I challenge you to join me, the final finisher and do the new Series run by the same team that has been producing the best women’s Series for the past two decades.

Spread the word. Go out into the fitness, health, sports community and let the gals and guys know what I am doing and why I made this change. Forward this to your friends who might be asking what is this new Trek Women Triathlon Series and tell them like I am telling you "I am doing the Trek Women Triathlon Series and I know that I won't be last." And, most of all, sign up for the Trek Women Triathlon Series - I'll be there and I want you to be there too.

With Heart,

Sally Edwards
the Head Heart, Heart Zones USA
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